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Friday, May 6, 2011

Week 18: Nourishing and Protecting the Family

Happy Mother's Day friends!  I hope this weekend will be a sweet time for each of you.  As I was pondering and searching for a talk to share about motherhood and the roles of nurturing, I came across this wonderful talk from Sister Beck given at the 2009 BYU Women's Conference.  Each time I hear Sister Beck speak, I think of the scripture "for such a time as this." She teaches us with such courage and clarity.  How grateful I am for her insights and wisdom. 

I am grateful for the specific teachings Sister Beck gives in this talk:

She reiterates that The Creation, The Fall and The Atonement are the three pillars of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Families are the key of our doctrine--families being established before the world was.
Male and Female spirits complete each other and are both needed to raise children.
Those who do not have the opportunity to bear children, will have every blessing in the next life.
At 17, the Prophet Joseph knew about the blessings of eternal families.
She calls on us to stand up and defend the family as the social restraints that once preserved and protected it have been              removed.
Fight-fight against the power of the adversary against our families.

She quotes Joseph F. Smith"Whenever...temptations became most alluring and most tempting to me, the first thought that arose in my soul was this: remember the love of your mother." What an insight to us as mothers to keep trying!  She teaches ."we will need the Spirit of the Lord with us in greater abundance in times to come than we have ever had. We need to be the ones seeking every day to qualify for the Spirit, to recognize the voice of the Spirit, and to follow the voice of the Spirit because other voices will lead us in the wrong ways."  Difficult challenges are coming, but through our challenges we grow and will have eternal joy.

I hope Sister Beck's talk brings you much joy and that your Mother's Day is delightful for you.

Much love,


Go HERE for the Text of this talk

Watch a video HERE

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