Welcome to the Talk Of The Week Club. I began this club as a way to share my love of learning and growing in the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My hope and desire is for you to learn and grow in your faith and love of the Savior, Jesus Christ. Each Thursday a new talk will be posted, come back, open your heart and mind, allow yourself to receive and I promise you will be spiritually fed.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 4: The Family: A Proclamation to the World

I bet that at this very moment you have a "Family Proclamation" hanging on your wall. In your living room, family room, dining room, maybe even your bathroom. The Family: A Proclamation to the World was given to us by the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and read by President Gordon B. Hinckley at the General Relief Soceity meeting in September 1995. It's message isn't just for the members of the church but as stated in it's title is is a proclamation for ALL THE WORLD.

Earlier this month my four-year old asked me why we had it on our wall, what it meant, was it about Jesus, where did we get the frame, who gave it to us, can we read it......and the list of questions went on. I realized in that moment that I really hadn't taken the time to familiarize myself with it's message and that although I had read it many times I really had never READ it. Sure I knew all the key points and could rattle off typically used phrases but I really, really never studied it the way scripture should be studied. This month I decided to truly study and dissect it. I realized this was something that my family really had been needing. It helped me reaffirm my meaning here as a daughter of heavenly parent and understand my duties and my goals as a mother. It reminded me how important covenants and ordinances are, and that the road to happiness in our families is through our Savior Jesus Christ. How often do we pass by the Proclamation on our wall and not even think about the beautiful truths and promises that are contained therein?

Directly before giving us the proclamation President Hinckley made a statement regarding the reason why such a Proclamation was generated. He said, "With so much of sophistry that is passed off as truth, with so much of deception concerning standards and values, with so much of allurement and enticement to take on the slow stain of the world, we have felt to warn and forewarn. In furtherance of this we of the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles now issue a proclamation to the Church and to the world as a declaration and reaffirmation of standards, doctrines, and practices relative to the family which the prophets, seers, and revelators of this church have repeatedly stated throughout its history."

I felt deeply inspired to choose THE FAMILY: A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD, as my my first Talk of the Week for the new year. I hope that as you listen to it and maybe even follow along with that poster on your wall (you know,the one in the beautiful frame), that you will feel impressed and inspired to "maintain and strengthen" your family.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 3: Cast Not Therefore Away Your Confidence

Do you every feel under-qualified for the task(s) at hand?  I have felt very much at way in recent months and as I have searched the scriptures, I have found that others feel that way too.  Does it mean that I shouldn't keep going?  That I should throw in the towel? That I should strive to accomplish a less-worthy task?  No - it simply means that I should look upward and TRUST in FAITH that a God who loves me and trusts me will surely send His ministering angels both spiritual and temporal to help me accomplish the tasks he knows that I can! 

You too must press on in faith, trusting that has His daughter or son He truly has give you power to succeed!

Blessings -

Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence
Jeffery R. Holland

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Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
Ensign, Mar 2000, 7
From a devotional address given at Brigham Young University on 2 March 1999.

Beware the temptation to retreat from a good thing. If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it, it is right now.
There is a lesson in the Prophet Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision which virtually every Latter-day Saint has had occasion to experience, or one day soon will. It is the plain and very sobering truth that before great moments, certainly before great spiritual moments, there can come adversity, opposition, and darkness. Life has some of those moments for us, and occasionally they come just as we are approaching an important decision or a significant step in our lives.
In that marvelous account which we read too seldom, Joseph said he had scarcely begun his prayer when he felt a power of astonishing influence come over him. “Thick darkness,” as he described it, gathered around him and seemed bent on his utter destruction. But he exerted all his powers to call upon God to deliver him out of the power of this enemy, and as he did so a pillar of light brighter than the noonday sun descended gradually until it rested upon him. At the very moment of the light’s appearance, he found himself delivered from the destructive power which had held him bound. What then followed is the greatest epiphany since the events surrounding the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ in the meridian of time. The Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith, and the dispensation of the fulness of times had begun. 1
Most of us do not need any more reminders than we have already had that there is one who personifies “opposition in all things,” that “an angel of God” fell “from heaven” and in so doing became “miserable forever.” What a chilling destiny! Because this is Lucifer’s fate, “he sought also the misery of all mankind,” Lehi teaches us. 2

Read complete talk HERE

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 2: Seven Days to a Better Marriage

As part of the New Year it is customary to make goals and plan for the future. When I came across this talk I thought it was a perfect fit because it is something I think we all desire, ways to better our most important relationships, plus it was something that could be done FAST!!! I must admit I listened to this a few weeks ago and have found such strength and hope from the stories and in sight Brother Barlow shares. I hope you too will enjoy his lighthearted, speedy remedy to improving the sacred relationship of marriage.

Because there is not a transcript of this talk I have made up a worksheet showing the key principles and an action challenge for each one. I hope you will take the time either with your spouse on your own to complete the actions. I know that anyone who takes the challenge will see a better marriage and self in seven days or less.

May we all be blessed to take care of this most important aspect of our earthly and eternal lives.

All my love,

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Volume III Week 1: Building Zion

Dear Friends,

As I ponder the coming of a New Year and where I may focus my time and
energy, my heart seeks the building up of Zion. It is my greatest
desire to enjoy this blessing. As I read the account of Enoch in the
Pearl of Great Price, I want so much to enjoy the blessings of the
Savior walking with us and dwelling with us as the people of Enoch did
(see Moses 7:69.) As I searched for a "how to build Zion" guide, I
found this wonderful compilation of the teachings of the Prophet Brigham
Young that felt very applicable to our day. As we start with ourselves,
seek to inspire and teach those in our homes, and let our circle of
influence include all within our reach, I believe Zion is attainable.
Each of us as individuals can do our best to begin, and as we build,
strengthen, and love each other, we can succeed.

Much love to you and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead,

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President Brigham Young’s whole soul was dedicated to establishing Zion. He oversaw the gathering of nearly one hundred thousand Latter-day Saints to the valleys of the Rocky Mountains and colonized some four hundred cities and towns. He built temples and tabernacles, organized stakes and wards throughout the western United States, and sent missionaries to nearly every corner of the earth. No one understood better the sacrifice and effort required, but, as he said, “we are not going to wait for angels, … we are going to build [Zion ourselves]” (DBY, 443).

Teachings of Brigham Young

Zion is the pure in heart.

Let me say a few words with regard to Zion. We profess to be Zion. If we are the pure in heart we are so, for “Zion is the pure in heart” [see D&C 97:21] (DBY, 118). Where is Zion? Where the organization of the Church of God is. And may it dwell spiritually in every heart; and may we so live as to enjoy the spirit of Zion always! (DBY, 118).
This is the Gospel; this is the plan of salvation; this is the Kingdom of God; this is the Zion that has been spoken and written of by all the Prophets since the world began. This is the work of Zion which the Lord has promised to bring forth (DBY, 118).
Zion will extend, eventually, all over this earth. There will be no nook or corner upon the earth but what will be in Zion. It will all be Zion (DBY, 120).

Our purpose in life should be to sanctify ourselves and build the Zion of our God.

The purpose of our life should be to build up the Zion of our God, to gather the House of Israel, bring in the fulness of the Gentiles, restore and bless the earth with our ability and make it as the Garden of Eden, store up treasures of knowledge and wisdom in our own understandings, purify our own hearts and prepare a people to meet the Lord when he comes (DBY, 88).
We have no business here other than to build up and establish the Zion of God. It must be done according to the will and law of God [see D&C 105:5], after that pattern and order by which Enoch built up and perfected the former-day Zion, which was taken away to heaven, hence the saying went abroad that Zion had fled [see Moses 7:69]. By and by it will come back again, and as Enoch prepared his people to be worthy of translation, so we, through our faithfulness, must prepare ourselves to meet Zion from above when it shall return to earth, and to abide the brightness and glory of its coming (DBY, 443).
We look forward to the day when the Lord will prepare for the building of the New Jerusalem, preparatory to the City of Enoch’s going to be joined with it when it is built upon this earth [see Moses 7:62–64]. We are anticipating to enjoy that day, whether we sleep in death previous to that, or not. We look forward, with all the anticipation and confidence that children can possess in a parent, that we shall be there when Jesus comes; and if we are not there, we will come with him: in either case we shall be there when he comes (DBY, 120). Read the rest HERE.