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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 34: Christlike Attributes-The Wind Beneath Our Wings **Repost**

**Reposted from THIS week**

As I thought about what I should share with you this week I was completely at a loss until my October Ensign arrived on Monday afternoon. As if an answer to my prayer I began to read it hoping to receive some direction. I was so happy when I found President Dieter Uchtdorf’s talk entitled “Christ-like Attributes-the Wind Beneath our Wings,” which was originally given in the October 2005 session of general conference. THIS WAS IT!

In July, I was asked to give a talk in Sacrament meeting in front of my brand new ward (in a brand new state) on the topic of DEVELOPING CHRIST-LIKE ATTRIBUTES. I was excited, I was scared, and I was an emotional wreck! I am a fairly good writer but when speaking in front of large groups I sometimes find it hard to put two sentences together without stumbling over my words. Along with the Preach My Gospel manual I used the above-mentioned talk to help guide me through what I needed to say. Through much prayer and preparation the thoughts came easily and I was able to deliver my talk.

After reading it again, listening to the mp3 and re-watching it on my computer through lds.org (don’t you just love the internet?!) I felt doubly impressed to share it with all of you as you too strive to live according to the basic gospel principles and develop Christ-like attributes.

CHALLENGE: This week I suggest choosing a specific attribute you would like to work on. Write it down and include a definition and a description of the attribute. Search your scriptures for passages that teach about the attribute you are working on. Apply that in your life and pray for the Lord to help you more fully draw closer to Christ as you develop the attribute. As you do so, it will become easier to emulate Christ in all your doings. Remember, that learning to be Christ-like is a lifelong pursuit!!!! : )

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My dear brothers and sisters, my dear friends:

During my professional life as an airline pilot, I sometimes had passengers visit the cockpit of my Boeing 747. They asked about the many switches, instruments, systems, and procedures and how all this technical equipment would help such a huge and beautiful airplane fly.

As with all pilots, I enjoyed the fact that they were impressed by the apparent complexity of this plane and that they wondered what kind of magnificent and brilliant person it takes to operate it! At this point of my story, my wife and children would kindly interrupt and say with a twinkling in their eyes, "Pilots are born with a great measure of natural humility!"

To the visitors in my cockpit, I would explain that it takes a great aerodynamic design, many auxiliary systems and programs, and powerful engines to make this flying machine equal to the task of bringing comfort and safety to those joining the flight.

To simplify my explanation by focusing on the basics, I would add that all you really need is a strong forward thrust, a powerful upward lift, and the right aircraft attitude, and the laws of nature will carry the 747 and its passengers safely across continents and oceans, over high mountains and dangerous thunderstorms to its destination.

In recent years, I have often contemplated that being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites us to ask similar questions. What are the basics, the fundamental principles of our membership in the kingdom of God on earth? After all is said and done, what will really carry us at times of greatest need to our desired eternal destination?
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