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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 15: I Know HE Lives

Over the past few weeks I have pondered what I could and should say about my personal testimony of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have thought of how I first came to know He loved me. I have thought about how over the years I have seen His tender mercies. I am reminded of the times that as I have sinned I have plead for forgiveness and have felt His peace. I recall how recently during the loss of my pregnancy I felt Him beside me, looking upon me with compassion and offering His holy comfort.  I have tried to narrow down a single talk that has helped me develop my knowledge of the Christ but the task still comes up short. There are too many to be shared in one email or blog post. So many moments that I can witness He lives. Instead I share with you my heart and though I am but one small, regular person in this universe, I know I am not alone in my personal tesitmony of Jesus Christ.

I know that my Redeemer, your Redeemer, our Savior lives.

I found a Mormon Message video from His appostles to share today so you don't have to just take my word for it. (before you play video please pause the music play on the right)

May you all feel and accept His love this week,

If you want to learn more about Jesus Christ please visit this site, Jesus Christ, The Son of God

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  1. Thank you Shauntell. That is an awesome message!