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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Week 5: Unleashing the Dormant Spirit

Hello Friends!

A friend shared this wonderful YouTube clip with me which inspired me to
further study Elder Busche's devotional talk "Unleashing the Dormant
Spirit." My greatest quest as a mother, wife, and disciple of Jesus
Christ is the constant companionship and recognition of the promptings
of the Holy Ghost in my life. I am grateful for Elder Busche's teaching
about this great gift that is to be ours every minute of every day. What
is it that I am holding back or unwilling to completely sacrifice that
removes me from this privilege? How do I awaken and deepen my desire
for this gift so that it overcomes all obstacles? Elder Busche gives a
wonderful, detailed checklist of questions we can ask ourselves to help
in our quest for the constant guidance of the Holy Ghost. He promises
that we will rejoice every day if we take the Holy Spirit as our guide.
It is through this gift that we will "abide the day" and will not be
deceived ( D & C 45:56-57) as we prepare for and participate in the
Second Coming of the Savior.

Much love to each of you,

MP3 and Transcript Link

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