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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 38: When My Prayers Seem Unanswered

I have shared this talk before but recently I have been hearing about this topic again. I wanted to share this talk once more because of its wonderful counsel and help in understanding the way the Lord answers our prayers.

I recently experienced an answer to a prayer that I have been asking for more than 18 years! While traveling alone from an appointment. In the solitude of my van the Lord answered my hearts prayer peacefully and quietly. I felt overwhelmed by the simplicity of the answer. Then as if to prove further the answer was true, my mind was filled with memories of experiences I have had over the past years that have prepared me to receive and accept the words sent to my heart and mind at this time. Little did I know that over the years, my prayers were indeed being answered by the Lord. He was preparing a "holding place in my heart to put the answer". I will never be able to look at my past again without deep gratitude and humility.

I know the Lord Jesus Christ lives! I know He loves us. I know that more than anything He wants to rescue us from our mortal strife and He has through his atoning sacrifice. Never ever give up. When things get to where they seem to hard to bear remember that somewhere somehow He is answering your prayer and that you are deeply and personally known and loved.

All my love,

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