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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7: More Dilligent and Concerned at Home

During last October's General Conference, I remember this talk so well. It touched my heart and encouraged me to work on three things as a parent and spouse; Express Love and Show It, Bear Testimony and Live It, Be Consistent. Since my first listening of this talk I have had a few great experiences where I have been able to see these three things in my family’s life. One example comes from my four year old. Lately she has been making it a point to tell me she loves me. Each day she comes up to me and asks, "Have I told you I love you today?". She then tells me she loves me and gives me a big hug. Some days I feel like her statement and act of love is all I've gotten that day! Not only does it make me feel so much better but it reminds me to reach out and to share my love with the rest of our family.
With our morning scripture reading there has been a few wonderful times when testimonies have been shared in a very natural way. It has been great to hear these testimonies, not just at the pulpit but in a quick meaningful moment within the walls of our own home.
As far as being consistent is concerned this is one we are consistently working on! Just the other night my six year old reminded me that we don't always say our evening prayers as a family. I then went on to admit to him that it is sometimes hard for me to remember and that I would appreciate his help. I love how Elder Bednar reflects on his own family experiences of the whining and grumbling but recalls that his adult sons remember more the consistently than the whining. When I heard him talk about his family I was relieved to hear that even an apostle of the Lord had children who complained. 
I hope that this quick reminder will put these things in the for front of our minds and helps us all to be a little better each day at expressing love and showing love, bearing testimony and living it, and striving for consistency.

Have a wonderful week!

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We can become more diligent and concerned at home as we are more faithful in learning, living, and loving the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1833 the Prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation that contained a strong rebuke to several leading brethren of the Church to set their families in order (see D&C 93:40–50). A specific phrase from this revelation provides the theme for my message—“more diligent and concerned at home” (verse 50). I want to suggest three ways each of us can become more diligent and concerned in our homes. I invite you to listen both with ears that hear and with hearts that feel, and I pray for the Spirit of the Lord to be with all of us.
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