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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 5: Becoming Holy Amid the Increasing Turmoil

Hello Friends,

As I was pondering what to share this month, I came across this
wonderful talk by Wendy Watson Nelson from the BYU-Idaho Women's Meeting
this January entitled "Becoming Holy Amid the Increasing Turmoil." Have
you felt the power of increasing,very specific direction coming from our
Church leaders? How grateful I am for their guidance as we navigate
through these Last Days. I loved Sister Nelson's invitation to "invite
more holiness into our lives." Isn't that what each of us want for
ourselves and those we love? She teaches that what was once sufficient,
no longer will be with the tide of evil ever growing. We need to
increase the intensity of our holiness to counteract what is happening
all around us. I was inspired by her three day challenge and look
forward to living it.

I especially appreciated her assurance that we can become more holy
through our Savior. How grateful I am for His love, encouragement, and
personal call to "Come, follow me." He will help us become what we can
and must be as we make preparations for His return. Hasten the Day!

Much love,

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