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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 23: A Father Indeed

While in conversation, the other day with some friends, we started talking about family responsibity's. I listed all the things I do with my childen and how I am very much independent because my husband works long hours. When he is home, will soon find someone in need of help and go to the rescue, spend his time in our garage fixing a neighbor's car, or working on the upkeep of our home. While explaining this to our friends they brought up that my husband also helps with the children. I then related all the things he does for and with them. He tucks them in, he has changed diapers, fed them, coaches them in sports, and finds time to tease and play with them too. He has been such a wonderful example to me. Even on the late nights when the children have been put to bed before he has gotten home, soon after arriving home he will sneak into their rooms and kiss them goodnight.  He has sacrificed and spent hours doing sidework to provide for us and to take us to Disneyland at least yearly. From this conversation I was reminded how important fathers are.

I remembered this Mormon Message from a few years ago. It has had such an impact on how I see my own father and husband. I am so grateful for the wonderful men in my life who have shown me how to love and be selfless. These men who have held me while I cried and cheered me on with great pride. They have been my strength and my examples. Thank you to you fathers who do so much. You are so very important and are so very much loved.

Have a blessed week,

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