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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 45: For God Did Send Me

This week's talk is one I used for a talk I gave in my ward a few weeks ago. One of my favorite parts is the analogy of a puzzle and how our lives are just like one.

"Our lives are a little like a jigsaw puzzle. The Lord has the finished picture on the box, but we don’t. We can begin turning pieces over and putting in place the corners and edges that make up the framework already revealed to us through the words of prophets, ancient and modern. Then we might start to guess at how the middle pieces should go together. If we get our mind set on the picture we envision, we may completely miss the picture the Lord intends. Although we can do much to discover which pieces fit where, we need His guidance to complete the picture. As we work on the puzzle and struggle trying pieces together for a fit, He guides us as he helps us see a fit here or there that we hadn’t noticed before. Occasionally He will show us that an entire section of the puzzle fits at the top of the picture, not at the bottom as we had imagined. Then we keep working."

 I've had so many questions come up lately in my own mind. Questions like why are my finances not as blessed as so and so, why have I had to have so much struggle in my life, even why am I not famous yet! :) Today I had a very humbling experience as I went to a Single Mothers Seminar as a guest. As I listened to the stories of these dear single mothers I felt gently chastised and was humbly reminded of all that I DO have. My puzzle according to me was not fitting together well but God knew exactly how beautiful my puzzle was and tonight He showed me that I needed to rearrange some of my pieces or the way I thought about my life experiences to match the picture on the box He created for me.

I dare say we all go through moments like this, where we question our life's path. I can say that the Lord does answer our questions.  I know He sends each of us EXACTLY where we need to be, gives us exactly the challenges or blessings we need to DO the work or fill the empty spot in someone elses puzzle. I am so grateful for this knowledge and for all of you who have been a piece of my puzzle, completing the beauty and complexity of my life. I am also so grateful to have a loving Father in Heaven and Savior who are so patient with my stubborness and so gently encourage me to rearrange my puzzle pieces now and then.

All my love and prayers,


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  1. This is a great one and I really appreciate your thoughts. It's not easy for me to believe my life is where it's supposed to be right now, but I have faith that I can be guided to where I should be and what I should be doing, despite my circumstances.