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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 9: Remember Lot's Wife

Hello Friends,

This week's talk is "Remember Lot's Wife," a devotional given by Elder
Jeffrey R. Holland in January 2009 at BYU. I appreciate Elder Holland's
insights about how to move forward with faith and the dangers of living
in the past. He counsels us to reach forth for things which are
beyond. Let go of past hurts and shortcomings. God has great things in
store for each of us and the best is yet to be. I especially enjoyed
his recounting of his lack of courage as he was a BYU student. Somehow
it gives me greater courage to do hard things, knowing he struggled too.
"Faith builds on the past, but never longs to stay there." May our faith
and confidence in the future grow as we "trust that God has great things
in store for each of us and that Christ truly is the 'high priest of
good things to come.' "

Best Wishes,

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The start of a new year is the
traditional time for us to take stock of our
lives and see where we are going
measured against the backdrop of where
we have been. However, I don’t want to
talk to you about New Year’s resolutions
per se because you only made five of
them and you have already broken four. (I
give that remaining one about another
week.) But I do want to talk to you today
about the past and the future, not so
much in terms of New Year’s
commitments, but more with an eye
toward any time of transition and change,
and those moments come virtually every
day of our lives.
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