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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 2: Seven Days to a Better Marriage

As part of the New Year it is customary to make goals and plan for the future. When I came across this talk I thought it was a perfect fit because it is something I think we all desire, ways to better our most important relationships, plus it was something that could be done FAST!!! I must admit I listened to this a few weeks ago and have found such strength and hope from the stories and in sight Brother Barlow shares. I hope you too will enjoy his lighthearted, speedy remedy to improving the sacred relationship of marriage.

Because there is not a transcript of this talk I have made up a worksheet showing the key principles and an action challenge for each one. I hope you will take the time either with your spouse on your own to complete the actions. I know that anyone who takes the challenge will see a better marriage and self in seven days or less.

May we all be blessed to take care of this most important aspect of our earthly and eternal lives.

All my love,

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