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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Week 19: Prayer: The Soul's Sincere Desire

The idea behind the talk this week came from a talk I heard Sunday. The member of the Bishopric who spoke in our ward is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. He said that they get people who are in critical condition quite a bit. If the patients are not responding to the care they are being given, the nurses will start with the basics and see how they can improve them, airflow, circulation, pulse etc... That made me think about our lives. Are we sometimes in that critical condition and don't think anything is working? What are some basics that we can improve on? Could it be that what we truly need to improve our condition is to improve our prayers, or repent, or just have more faith or even just believe? Last week we learned a bit about repentance and faith so this week I wanted to focus on the basic of prayer. This talk was given by Mary Ellen Edmunds and is light hearted and inspirational. I hope you enjoy it.

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